Pre-Wedding Investment

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London Pre-Wedding Shoot- UK Pre-Wedding Photographer- 英国伦敦婚纱摄影

(4hours) Half Day Pre-Wedding Shoot 

  • 4 hours photo shoot on a location

  • A password protected online gallery, share to family & friends.

  • All the High resolution photos direct download from the website.

  • Travel Free within London area

London Pre-Wedding Shoot- UK Pre-Wedding Photographer -  英国伦敦婚纱摄影

(8hours) Full Day Pre-Wedding Shoot 

  • 8 hours photo shoot on a location

  • A password protected online gallery, share to family & friends.

  • All the High resolution photos direct download from the website.

  • Selection of your favourite photos into HD slideshow

  • Travel Free within London area

Oversea Pre-Wedding Shoot - London Pre-Wedding Photographer - 英国伦敦婚纱摄影

Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot - TBC

We like to travel and shoot any where around the world, if you have a location you would like to go, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hear from you. 

Optional Album

The best to see the true of our work and keep your memory in our finest wedding album.

All our album made & print in Italy. 


Do you provide wedding gowns & suits and Makeup Artist?

No, we would like to focus on the photography part to ensure the best quality photograph for the couple. We don't know any bridal studio that can rent wedding gowns but we have some contact with the makeup artist that we normally work with. Please feel free to ask their contacts.

Do you retouch our photo?

All the images you see online have been edited in a various different of tone and colour correction, some light blemished removed if necessary. We do not airbrush and photoshop on our photos

Photos, Copyright and watermark?

The number of photos is depending on your investment packages and how long the pre-wedding shoot. Approximately an average full day pre-wedding shoot has between 80-100 edited photos and uploaded to our gallery to view online. As a professional photographer we have our copyright to our photos and does not mean you can't use it as yours personal use. Watermark are for protecting the photos use on the internet and your photos will not have our watermark on them. 

Do we need to apply for permission to shoot some of the landmark location in London

In general, all the landmark locations are needed permission to shoot and can be quite troublesome and expensive to get the permission as for example, the tower of London and the surrounding area is controlled and by a number of different private and public authorities each needs specific permissions. What we tend to do (and this applies to the majority of the photographer) is to go head and shoot without prior permission. If we keep the crew small and low key, the security usually allows us a little bit of time at their discretion if they even do approach us. But please bear in mind, sometimes it is beyond our control and we may be asked to leave.

How can we reserve your photography service and what are the payment methods?

For reservation, a signed agreement and 50% deposit are required. You may make the payment in cash or online bank transfer. Once it’s done, your date is then fully reserved. The remaining balance will be due within 2 weeks of receipt of the first online photo galleries after the wedding.

What will happen after the reservation?

After the reservation, we will arrange a meet-up either at my studio or an email to discuss the idea location for your Pre-wedding shoot. we will advise you some tips and  location for your photo shoot. And in between, if you have any question, please feel free to drop me an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hear from you!